Schwinn Men's Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle Review


14-speed rear derailleur and Shimano A050 bar-mount shifters for seamless gear-shifting and versatile navigation.


Feels solid, agile and durable


For less than $300, this road bike is packed with quality components worth your investment.

Short Summary: This Road Bicycle is a multi-purpose two-wheel beast perfect for commuters and intermediate riders. It’s packed with strong and long-lasting features at an affordable price.

  • Versatile and Multi-Functional
  • Exceptional Brake System
  • Lightweight and Agile
  • Impeccable Customer Support
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Tires are Prone to Flats

The Schwinn Bike

Schwinn has been a staple brand in American households for decades. The joys of riding in training wheels were unforgettable. Now that we’re older, they offer something a little more advanced: The Schwinn Men's Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, they did a good job giving us major nostalgia thanks to its classic look. It arrives packaged and partially assembled, just like other cycles in the market. The good news is it isn’t as tough to put together. It’s pretty standard and comes with a no-brainer manual, which doesn’t require too much effort on your part.

Despite needing only an Allen wrench to assemble, this bicycle is best experienced when brought to the bike shop for initial tune up. This ensures that all parts are properly pieced together and everything’s working just fine.

Who Is It For?

The Schwinn Phocus is the ideal multi-purpose bike for men. Whether you want to ditch the gym and hit the road or ride through rougher trails on the weekends. However, we’d like to emphasize that this isn’t meant for professional racing.

What makes it so great is that it makes for easy shifting for just about every beginner rider out there. Plus, its saddle comes with a quick release that offers a no-fuss way to adjust the bike to your height. Oh and did we mention it’s 100% relaxing to ride?

If you’re looking for a bike that’s easy to use, adaptive to various roads and a joy to ride, then this should belong on top of your list.

Lightweight Yet Strong and Agile

Most would contest that you need a bike with steel frames to ensure quality. However, we beg to disagree. Many aluminum-clad bikes today boast fantastic performance, including this Dropbar Road Bicycle. It comes with an aluminum frame and a rigid fork that makes it lightweight yet stable to ride.

These qualities make the bike ideal for narrow pathways, rough terrains and even for sweat-free storage. What’s more is that it’s adorned with Shimano 14 Speed rear derailleur with Shimano A050 shifters. You can finally say hello to shifting without grinding. Lest we forget, it also comes with an SR Suntour alloy crank for a wide gear range.

One of the first few things you will notice is the dropbar handlebar this bike comes with. Not only does it add to its overall style. It puts the ride in an aerodynamic riding positon, allowing optimum support and constant agile riding.

Comfort Even On Uneven Paths

The people behind the Schwinn Phocus Road Bicycle knew that mediocre brakes just won’t cut it. That’s why they installed alloy caliber road breaks. As everyday commuters, we want nothing more than the assurance of a quick, sharp and easy stop wherever we are.

Its high-profile alloy rims aren’t just made to look good and lightweight. They are also exceptionally strong since they are paired with spokes. Plus, this two-wheeled beast comes with narrow high-pressure Kenda 700C tires to minimize rolling resistance and a rigid fork to absorb shock. This means you’re in for a smooth and stable ride even when you’re on uneven paths or climbing mountains.

Reliable for Thousands and Thousands of Miles

The bike is right up there among the greats. Granted, it’s not a professional bike meant for racing. However, its functionality and caliber are way ahead of the others.

You can definitely put thousands and thousands of miles on this bike without worrying too much about wear and tear.

What Did Other People Say About the Schwinn Men's Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

It is ranked with 4.1 out of 5 stars in Amazon. Many love how reliable, agile and easy to use this cycle. Plus, they particularly enjoyed how it comes with a no-nonsense gear shifting and is highly versatile on various trails.

However, there are less satisfactory reviews too, the most common of which are the tires breaking down easily.


Versatile and Multi-Functional

Whether you need to get to your office or craving a Sunday ride up on the mountains, this bike provides the kind of ride you need for the day.

Exceptional Brake System

The makers of the Schwinn road bicycle most certainly did not skimp on quality and strength when it came to providing a quick, easy and sharp stop.

Lightweight and Agile

One more thing to love about this bike is that it’s lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around, store or ride through narrow pathways. Plus, it’s agile on the road.

Impeccable Customer Support

Schwinn has been known to provide the finest customer service around. To this day, they continue to make it easy for their customers to reach out to them and aid them in all possible ways.


Needs to Be Assembled

For those who want their bikes ready for the instant throttle, this may disappoint. You will need to assemble it yourself or bring to the bikeshop for assembly and tune up.

Tires Are Prone to Flats

The Kenda tires have a reputation of wearing thin too early. That’s why many have commented on how this bike’s tires are too prone to flats with some even arriving with defects.

Final Thoughts

The Schwinn Men's Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle is most certainly top of its class in the realm of intermediate road biking. Not only are its design features spot-on and worth every eye. It comes with a plethora of features both everyday commuters and casual riders will enjoy. To top it all of, it’s priced for less than $300.

If you are looking for a road bicycle that’s going to last you for a long time, then this one is definitely one to beat.