Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike


It’s loaded with features including a flip flop hub to switch from fixie to single speed mode.


The quality of its other components are exceptional but the tires could be improved.


This solid, durable and stylish fixie is a steal for its affordable price.

Summary: Most fixies priced below $400 come with mediocre components but not the Pure Fix Original Fixie. It’s packed with design and functional features built for inner city or off-road riding.

  • Top-Notch Quality
  • Versatile
  • Good Customer Service
  • Weak Tires
  • Poor Packaging

The Pure Fix Original Bike

Pure Fix is a staple in the cycling scene. They’re known for churning out some of the best urban fixie style bicycles at affordable prices. The Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike is one of the brand’s top sellers. Let’s take a look at how it measures up.

Who is it for?

The Pure Fix Original Fixie is meant for intermediate and everyday riders who want to live the fixie lifestyle whilst trying to get from point A to point B. Beyond using it for daily commutes, it’s an incredibly reliable bike for weekend trails and off-road adventures. It’s particularly made for inner city riding thanks to its 44/16T gear ratio. Plus, its Thick Slick 700cc x 28 tires ensure you are in full control whether you’re out on wide roads or stuck in traffic.

The bike comes partially assembled. However, it’s not that hard to put together compared to other fixies and road bikes. Do take note that it is still best for you to have the pros in a bike shop double-check it for you. Otherwise, you might encounter problems along the way.

Comes with a Flip Flop Hub

Pure Fix understands the need to adjust from fixie to single speed free wheel, especially if you’re not used to it yet. That’s why their speed fixie bike comes with a flip-flop hub, providing you the flexibility you need wherever you are. Whether you want to feel more connected to your bike or just want an easy cruise down the road, you can trust this bike will live up to expectations.

What’s more is that it comes with an easily removable front brake as well as a high-tensile fully Tig-welded steel frame. This makes the fixie particularly more durable and long-lasting compared to others.

It Feels Solid on Tough Roads

Some fixies feel too light and echo a ton of vibration of bumpy roads. However, the Pure Fix Speed Fixie Bike boasts of a high tensile frame and the deep dish wheels that can handle the roughest roads in the city. Plus, the Wellgo aluminum pedals are surprisingly strong, providing riders the extra grip they need while riding on fixed gear. Speaking of gears, this one is quite easy to switch from single speed to fixie mode.

What makes this fixed gear stand out is it feels really solid once you ride it. It doesn’t feel like it’s cheaply built or as if the parts are ready to come off any time. It’s got a strong and durable finish to it that allows riders to ride confidently and safely. That to us, is what makes our investment worth it.

Amazing for Fixie Novices

Fixies can be quite intimidating if you know barely anything about it. However, it’s a fantastic bike to ride and offers all kind of benefits that will make you want to ride more.

It starts off by choosing the right fixed gear for you to stay motivated.

Fixie beginners will find the Pure Fix a pure joy to ride in. It’s pretty easy to put together, a surefire head turner and a straightforward fixed gear that doesn’t fuss around. Plus, you can easily replace the parts you find not up to par or customize it to make truly make it your own.

What Did Other People Say About the Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike?

The Pure Fix Original Fixie is ranked with 4.4. out of 5 stars in Amazon, with many reviewers noting its durability, good looks and reliability on the road. Some have commented on how incredibly smooth it is to ride. Plus, other mentioned how convenient it is to assemble.

However, there are some bad reviews about it as well. Some complained about receiving their partially-assembled with scratches and dents. Plus, the quality of the tires isn’t exactly the best around. The seat could be a tad bit uncomfortable to others as well. The good news is you can always replace and upgrade these parts as you go along. At the end of the day, you will still have a bike that’s got solid frame, fork and a hefty amount of functional features to boot.


Top-Notch Quality

This bike isn’t kidding around when it comes to quality. You will instantly feel that it’s solid and durable as well as made from quality parts.


Its flip-flop hub allows for convenient switching from fixie to single speed. This makes it versatile to ride whether you’re going uphill or traversing through smooth, rough or narrow pathways.

Good Customer Service

Pure Fix has been known to provide the finest customer service out there. Whether you need to have parts replaced or reach out for any concerns, trust that the company has a quick turn-around.


Weak Tires

Many have commented on how weak the tires are. After less than a month’s use, the tires pop and wear out.

Poor Packaging

Quite a number of riders have complained about receiving their package poorly. Some have mentioned parts already scratched or possess dents. Others have received their bike frames and saddles bent out of proportion.

Why Should You Buy the Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike?

If you’re new to fixie style bikes, the Pure Fix is a straightforward, simple and reliable fixie that you can use on your everyday commute or regular exercise. Even if you want to take it out for a spin by the beach or uphill, it’s the kind of fixie that you can rely on. At an affordable price of a little over $300, it’s worth every penny.