How to Lose Weight from Riding a Bike

Losing weight may be your reason why you started to get into the world of cycling. Aside from the fun factor of riding a bicycle, cycling is also a very good cardio exercise. Cardiovascular and endurance exercises are not just good for your heart and blood circulation it is also a good way of burning calories and losing those extra pounds. Biking is also considered as a low impact exercise so it is good for people who weigh more because the risk of injuries on joints are much lower compared to high impact ones. Here, we will discuss ways on how to effectively burn your fats with the help of your bicycle.

Make a plan. Setting up a plan is important in achieving every goal that you have so it is also important in weight loss. Create a schedule on how often you will go out for a ride and set target goals on certain periods. Make sure that the target you set is realistic and attainable depending on your level of fitness. Setting a goal too high especially at the beginning of your training can cause discouragement if you are not able to hit it immediately. You can start slowly but surely. Once a good plan is created, make sure that you strictly follow your schedules and avoid excuses of not doing it. The important thing is that you do it consistently. Do some recording of your training and weight for you to see your progress. You can seek help on different equipment or applications to measure the amount of calories burned.

Ride frequently. Ride whenever you can. Aside from saving your money, biking to work is a good exercise even if you don’t do it as intense compared on how you do it on weekends. A short ride is better than no ride at all.

Large breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Stack your energy at the start of the day. Not eating enough breakfast or not eating breakfast at all is a common mistake done by people who wanted to slim. Breakfast is very important as it kick-starts your metabolism. Your body will tend to keep your stored fats instead of burning them if you don’t take your early morning meal. Also you would want to have proper nutrition on your ride to keep you going. Have enough nutritious lunch and a less calorie intake during dinner as our metabolism is not that fast during the night.

Avoid wearing too much clothes. Keep wearing clothes appropriate to the weather. Too much clothes will be warm and make you sweat a lot which sounds good if you wanted to lose weight but it has disadvantages. It will be heavy, uncomfortable and will make you dehydrate faster resulting to a shorter and inefficient ride. All the sweat that your body released due to heavy clothing is more of just water and once you drink up, most of the lost sweat and weight will just be back. You need to be comfortable on your ride so wear the right clothing.

Do not reduce your calorie intake excessively. Your body may not be able to keep up with your routine if you do so otherwise. You can give yourself a treat from time to time by having chocolates or a bottle of beer in moderation. Depriving yourself of those treats will just make your cravings worse. If you want to reduce your calorie intake, do it little by little until your body is able to adapt to the changes.

Watch your diet. Measure your calorie intake. Eat nutritious food such as lean meat, vegetables and fruits. Avoid or lessen gluten intake. It is important to follow basic rules of nutrition in order for you to ride strong and healthy, a balanced diet is a key in able to reduce those extra pounds.

Drink water. Water helps your metabolism keep going. You can also drink a full glass of water before a meal to prevent you from overeating as you will feel less hungry. Water or fluids with electrolyte can also keep you hydrated during a ride so drink frequently.

Eat on a ride. Eat frequent small portion of snacks like energy bars during a ride. This will give you enough energy and glycogen to go further and do more of your training. This also makes you less hungry after a ride and prevents you from overeating.

Avoid dietary supplements. They are a quick fix for losing weight and it sounds great but it has its disadvantages. Dietary supplements can help you burn fats but can also get rid of essential fats and other nutrients and vitamins out of your system that you need for your ride. Do natural ways of getting your desired weight as it is safer and healthier.

High intensity ride. You can ride in intervals of light, medium or high intensity. You can also ride in high intensity towards the end of your ride as studies show that post oxygen consumption after an intense workout can help in burning fats. You can even burn fats even during the moment of your rest or even while watching TV.

There’s no shortcut if you want to be healthy or slim down. The important thing is you do the right thing and keep your discipline. With this tips we hope that you will be able to achieve your desired weight.

Ride healthy, ride fit.