9 Benefits of Bike Riding

Whether biking improves your general body fitness, health, or bank balance or for purely environmental reasons, this is one of the best habit you can ever pick up. The benefits of bike riding are numerous and varied. There are few other exercises that have a direct and significant impact in all areas of our lives like bike riding. It is important to note that sporadic and inconsistent bike riding will not have the desired effects. You must discipline yourself to bike consistently.

These are some of the awesome benefits of riding your bike:

1 Environment conservation: It is now obvious to everyone on planet earth that all the vehicles running on our streets are contributing to the pollution and degradation of this planet. As the conversation on green energy and going green rages on, there is a perfect and simple solution to this problem; Bike Riding. If and when more people take up bike riding, especially as a means of transport, there level of pollution in our city and the planet as a whole will drastically slow down.

2 Economical: Riding a bike to work, school, or to the mall is very economical. A bicycle depends on human effort to move from one place to the other. Riding a bike to most if not all the places you need to go will have an immediate impact on your gas expenditure.

3 Physical fitness: Riding a bicycle requires at least 70% of all the muscles in your body. Very few other physical activities use these amount of muscles. Daily bike riding will have obvious impact on your physical fitness within two weeks. Some of the muscles that bike riding improve are calf, leg, thigh, lower and upper back, biceps, and abdominal muscles. In relation to our other daily physical activities, these are the same muscles that we use.

4 Improved cardiovascular circulation. It will always improve one's blood circulation and breathing, especially when a bike rider learns how to control their breathing and slow down their pulse rate. It is common for physicians to advice heart and lung patients to take up bike riding as a DIY therapy that guarantees improved healing and turn around time.

5 Mental fitness. Apart from the obvious need for one to be vigilant and alert as they ride a bike down a street or across an intersection, bike riding has been proved to improve one's mental fitness. Mental health is an end product of a physical fitness and health. As a bike rider continues to improve on their physical fitness, there is a ripple effect on their mental fitness and stamina. A weak, slow, and lazy body will have an equally weak, slow, and lazy mind.

6 Improved self-esteem: Physical activity improves one's self-esteem. A meta-analysis study on self-esteem and physical activity proved that the latter has a direct impact on the former. How physical fit will have a direct impact on your overall self-esteem. This is especially true in this social media age where we are constantly bombarded with the achievements of other people on Facebook or Instagram. Getting on bicycles seat and peddling for one or two miles daily, will in the end, have a positive impact on how you feel about yourself.

7 Anti-depressant. It has been proved to be equally or more effective as psycho-therapeutic techniques and treatment programs. Amazingly, unlike other psychotherapies, bike riding has been observed to present no negative effects that can aggravate an existing psycho-social challenge or create a new. Riding a bike down a trail, the wind blowing across your face accompanied with the exhilarating feeling of almost flying will have an immediate and long-lasting healing effect on depression than countless counseling sessions.

8 Reduce stress and anxiety. Road biking has a soothing and calming effect on frayed nerves and tumultuous emotions. Riding a bike can be used to treat stress and anxiety or prevent the same. This simple activity increases the production of endorphins that help to relieve and reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, elevate moods, and stabilize sleeping patterns.

9 Create quality time: It is one the perfect ways of spending quality time with your family and loved ones. Riding a bike with your partner can help to cement and deepen your love and commitment to one another and create those elusive alone time that play a crucial role in building a long-lasting relationship.